The Segera Mission clinic serves as the only medical facility in a 30 km (18.6 miles) radius.

To get to the Segera Mission Clinic, people from Endana must either wade across the Ewaso Ng’iro River, or cross over on makeshift bridges made from felled trees.

During the rainy season the community is disconnected from the Segera Mission Clinic for at least two months in a year. The rise in the river’s water levels makes it impossible to cross it, and the lack of motorized transportation makes accessing alternative routes difficult.

The People of Endana must then walk 30 km round-trip to get medical care at the Segera Mission Clinic and as a result, they do not seek medical care until their condition is life threatening.



Building a bridge will improve accessibility of the clinic for timely health treatments and to ensure a steady supply of clean drinking water as well as uninterrupted education at the school.

The project will impact approximately 4.500 people in the immediate and neighboring communities.

In addition to helping the community with an imminent need, our goals are:

  • To educate the people to ensure continued upkeep of the footbridge
  • Involve the community from concept to construction
  • To promote ownership

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