Kenya Footbridge 
Ewaso Ng'iro River

Trip 1 Team 1 Tim Muli and Clay Stevens

On our first trip, EWB-OC members Clay Stevens and Tim Muli focused on gathering materials and digging the holes 
for the abutments that were to later to be constructed by Team 2.

Trip 2 Team 2 Mujahid Chandoo and Sean Callan 

EWB-OC members on Team 2, Mujahid Chandoo and Sean Callan, continued the work with the abutments and anchorage 
that will later be connected with the cables and slates put in place by Team 3.

Trip 3 Team 3 Matt Lipa and Daniel Ramey

Team 3 members Daniel Ramey and Matt Lipa completed the work of the slates, cables, and finishing construction work
which completes the team goal of providing a footbridge for the region and community of Endana.

We want to thank you for your interest in our project!

The Orange County Professionals Chapter of Engineers Without Borders-USA is involved in community-driven sustainable engineering projects in developing nations worldwide.

Our Kenya Footbridge project aims to build a bridge across the Ewaso Ng'iro River to enable the people of Endana to access the Segera Mission Clinic.

In addition to medical services, free preschool, kindergarten, and grade schools, the Segera Mission has an orphanage.

Currently the able bodied people are unable to cross the river during flooding and rainy seasons.  In addition, children and elderly must make the 18 mile trek around the river to reach the clinic and school.  

The bridge would allow year around access to school and clinic for the entire community. We began construction August 18, 2010.

Tim Muli explaining bridge plans with area school children

A map of the Laikipia District in the Rift Valley 
near the base of Mount Kenya

     West Side of the River

  • Segera Mission Clinic

  • Segera Mission Preschool

  • Segera Mission Kindergarten to 2nd Grade School

  • 1500 children from the communities of Segera Gate, Jerusalem, Northern Approaches, and Black Tank communities 

     East Side of the River
  • 4200 people from in Endana
  • Endana Primary School
  • Endana Secondary School


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